Slovak Baptisms Part 1

Birth/Baptismal records are by far the most basic genealogical record. A standard Slovak baptismal record will list the date of baptism, name of the baptized, the parents, and sponsors. Some will have more information and some will have less. Record formats are varied based on parish and priest. I’ll be walking through how to read three formats from two parishes and varied years starting in 1894 going all the way back to 1711.

1873-1894 Baptismal Book, Sklene, Slovakia. page 311. entry 82. From FamilySearch. “Slovakia Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1935”.  (

As we can see the baptism above occurred in 1894 in the modern parish of Sklené, Turčianske Teplice, Slovakia. This layout is the most structured and probably for most the easiest to read. In the chart below I give what each heading is in Latin and then translate the heading into English. The chart also includes a translation and transcription of the baptism shown above. Under the chart, I explain each segment of the baptism and give some tips I use with the information provided to expand my research.

Headings in LatinHeadings in EnglishTranslation and Transcription of record
Nummerus currensNumber consecutive82
Annus, dies, mensis nativitatisYear, day, month of birth26 Nov 1896
Annus, dies, mensis collati Baptismatis Year, day, month of Baptism27 Nov 1896
Sexus [Mas. Foem.(ina) ]Sex [Male. Female.]M(ale)
Legit LegitimateLeg(itimate)
Illeg Illegitimate
Nomen, Cognomen, conditio et Religio parentumName, Surname, Condition and Religion of ParentsJosephus Pittner R.C. Colon. (Farmer) Elisabetha Groszman R. C.
Locus originis et domiciliiplace of origin and residenceT. Sz. 63
Nomen patrinorum Name of sponsors (Godparents)Joannes Daubner R.C. Joanna Daubner R.C.
BaptisansPriest Carolus Turek Parochus (Parish Priest)
Quando Mortuus?When died16 Dec 1896
ObservationesObservations (remarks)

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